Fight or Flight? How to Keep Your Business Going Even Now

If you didn’t understand why people keep saying we live in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world, then the recent virus outbreak has surely brought the point home. This shows us that stability and order are fragile features of a fundamentally unstable world.

In South Africa, businesses are bearing the brunt of these changes, calling into question their approach and damage-control strategies as the crisis deepens. From a marketing perspective, companies may view advertising agencies as the extra fat they should trim in these lean times. After all, with the turn towards working remotely and limited in-store shopping options, businesses may think that cutting down on their advertising expenses is the wise approach.

Not so fast.

Yes, retail stores are closing their doors, but there are many crucial reasons for keeping your advertising efforts consistent and on point throughout these developments.

After the Storm

First, there might be a spike in contamination, but eventually the curve will flatten and it will be business as usual. Your business needs to survive until that moment comes, and the best way to ensure consistent traffic and leads is through quality advertising that targets people who are interested in your services now, or will be once things calm down. This is an excellent time to push for greater brand awareness and encourage online shopping with price cuts and specials. No one has to leave their house to buy from your e-commerce site, so focus on making these options even more attractive to entice a steady stream of online shoppers. Even if you don’t have an e-commerce site, you can push your services through telephonic and online communication.

The Power of Digital Advertising

The other reality is that just because some retailers will close their doors, does not mean your audience will close their eyes. Most people encounter and engage with advertising through digital platforms such as websites and social media. And, even more importantly, during this time when people are pretty much staying at home and avoiding social gatherings, their digital devices will become their lifelines in terms entertainment and socialising. This presents your business with a golden opportunity to push your brand and offer services that will keep people busy as they become more bored by the day.

Client & Staff Communications

Another consideration. As the Coronavirus spreads and the world responds, we have no idea what could happen and when. People have become as unpredictable as the virus itself, throwing markets off balance and causing a huge amount of uncertainty from day to day. This means your clients and staff will be confused and concerned as new developments take hold. If you can provide them with communications that keep them informed as events unfold, you’ll win their trust, keeping them engaged with your brand and business long after the virus has come and gone. However, this kind of agility in terms of producing internal and external communications in real time requires a small, responsive team that’s quick on its feet. And this is the advantage of a compact advertising agency such as Insignia Advertising.

Fight, Don’t Flight

So, if your business is considering the flight strategy of pulling back on marketing efforts, we’re here to tell you that this is a big mistake. At this time of economic downturn and great uncertainty, every customer counts. This is the time to fight back by being smarter, more creative, and more committed to reaching your audience where they are.

And if your regular marketing team is not sufficient, Insignia Advertising is here to lend a helping hand in whatever way you may need. We have a complete online studio that’s ready to tackle whatever you can throw their way, come rain or shine.


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