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BLOG: RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE AI It seems that we have officially entered the technological twilight zone, and in the year 2023 the machines have officially taken over. No one seems to be spared from the AI uprising, least of all those in the marketing space. The list of potential hits to the […]

The “holiday” we didn’t see coming: How do you need to change the way you do business?

Part I: Brand development South Africa has been forced to wrestle with an uncomfortable truth: the world is constantly changing, and you either learn to change with it, or you go under. As we confront a 21-day lockdown, starting on Thursday, 26 March, many other truths will rise to the surface. The only way forward […]

Another exclusive Daytona Supercar Sunday – the creative solution

  Insignia Advertising was tasked with finding a creative solution for Daytona’s famous Supercar Sunday Invite. It made sense to create a video selling the lifestyle and awe-inspiring beauty of a Supercar. The video not only the job of an invitation but also celebrates the intrinsics of the Aston Martin, captivating anyone who comes into […]